Choosing the right type of accessibility assessment

Posted on by Léonie Watson

When it comes to digital accessibility, most people immediately think of audits (or assessments, as we call them here at TetraLogical). Organisations want a comprehensive understanding of what is "wrong" with their website or app, so they can fix it and claim compliance. While this approach works well in many situations, there are times when a different type of assessment is worth considering. Before requesting an accessibility assessment, many factors should be taken into consideration, including the current level of awareness and knowledge of teams as well as the organisation's short and long-term accessibility objectives.

This article gives an overview of what an accessibility assessment is, when it is beneficial, and when another service such as an Initial assessment may be better suited.

Representative samples for accessibility assessments

Posted on by Léonie Watson

When a website is assessed using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), it is rarely feasible to test every single page. Instead, the assessment can be based on a sample of pages that are representative of the website as a whole, to keep things as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

WCAG primer

Posted on by Léonie Watson

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are a set of recommendations for making websites and apps accessible to people with disabilities. This article explains WCAG and how to use them.

Public sector accessibility regulations

Posted on by Léonie Watson

A new law concerning the accessibility of public sector websites and mobile apps came into effect in 2018. This article explains what the Public Sector Accessibility Regulations mean, what’s included and what isn’t, and the deadlines by which all public sector websites and mobile apps must comply.

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