Our services provide pragmatic solutions to complex accessibility challenges. We have an in-depth understanding of how to make existing and emerging technology such as web, mobile, voice assistants, virtual reality and augmented reality inclusive to disabled people. We also understand accessible technology alone is not enough. It needs to be combined with an inclusive organisational mindset and culture, customer support, and service delivery.

We don't just prescribe services, though. Our approach is to first and foremost make sure we understand your goals and challenges so we can get you the tailored support you need.


We offer tailored training programs to help build knowledge and confidence within your teams when building accessible and inclusive products as well as a convenient on-demand helpdesk which gives you access to the TetraLogical team’s expertise as and when you need it.


Through usability testing and user research with disabled people we'll gather valuable insights to help you create a genuinely inclusive user experience for all people across all platforms and products.


We'll put together a strategy built around your specific needs to create a self-sustaining accessibility framework with a goal of ensuring documentation, process, and culture underpin the successful delivery and maintenance of consistently inclusive products.


We carry out assessments of design assets, websites, apps and applications, components, and voice interfaces, using international accessibility standards to give you the knowledge and capability to meet your accessibility goals.


Our accessible website, mobile, and conversational interface development expertise can be deployed in-house to help with prototyping, pre-production or remediation support.

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