TetraLogical is a company with inclusion at its heart. Our focus is on emerging and existing technologies, customer experience, and research and development, combined with a mix of traditional accessibility consultancy.

We know that inclusion is more than just good design, code, standards, and compliance. It's about people, analysis, and understanding what people need rather than assuming we know what they need.

That's why we take the time to understand your organisation, your project, and your goals, so we can put together services that are tailored to suit you.

We put people first: you, your customers, our partners and employees. To achieve this we aim to be:

Each engagement is built around your business and customer needs. We work with you to understand what your motivation and goals are to put together solutions to help you achieve these. We can help you with:

We like to listen. If you have a project, product, problem, or idea that you want to discuss we can be found at hello@tetralogical.com