Hello, we’re TetraLogical

We're a company with inclusion at its heart. We specialise in all aspects of accessibility, from working with your websites and apps to giving your teams the skills they need to make accessibility part of everything they do.

We take the time to understand your organisation, your project, and your goals, so we can put together services that are tailored to suit you. Our accessibility services include:

TetraLogical is a member of the W3C where we contribute to standards including HTML, CSS, ARIA, and WCAG.

We're proud to work with organisations including the Scottish Government, Herbal Essences, Google, Babylon Health, Wiley Publishing, and Middlesex University.


Representative samples for accessibility assessments

When a website is assessed using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), it is rarely feasible to test every single page. Instead, the assessment can be based on a sample of pages that are representative of the website as a whole. This article explains what a representative sample is and what it involves.

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Introducing TetraLogical video

Léonie Watson, Director at TetraLogical, introduces the founding principles and philosophy of the company in a short video, also available with extended audio description.

Live Q&A on the Public Sector Accessibility Regulations

Léonie Watson, Director at TetraLogical, will be joining Invotra Consulting to hold a live Questions and Answers (Q&A) on the Public Sector Accessibility Regulations, ahead of the coming September 2020 deadline.

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