Hello, we’re TetraLogical

We're a company with inclusion at its heart. Our focus is on emerging as well as existing technologies, offering knowledge, experience, strategic, and development services.

We know that inclusion is not just about code, standards, and compliance. It's about people, analysis, and separating what people really need from what we assume they need.

We also know there are common themes, but that every organisation, every team, and every project is different.

That's why we take the time to understand your organisation, your project, and your goals, so we can put together services that are tailored to suit you.


Accessibility 2020

Léonie Watson, Director at TetraLogical, will be speaking at Accessibility 2020.

The sold-out event – hosted by Siteimprove with speakers from TetraLogical, Siteimprove and Middlesex University – will include discusions on the current and future climate of accessibility and how to build a framework for your own organisation.

Ian Pouncey joins TetraLogical

Ian Pouncey, formerly of Yahoo!, BBC, and The Paciello Group, has joined TetraLogical as co-director alongside Léonie Watson.

W3C Workshop on Inclusive Design for Immersive Web Standards

Léonie Watson, Director at TetraLogical, is Chair of the W3C Workshop on Inclusive Design for Immersive Web Standards, held on 5 and 6 November in Seattle WA.

The workshop brings together people from accessibility and XR (virtual, augmented, and mixed reality) to share existing knowledge, identify gaps, and explore new solutions for making inclusive XR - XR that has been created through inclusive design.

TetraLogical creates Alexa skill for Herbal essences

To celebrate World Sight Day, Herbal Essences has launched an Alexa skill to help consumers discover the Herbal essences Bio:renew range and choose the perfect hair care product. Designed and built by TetraLogical, the Alexa skill can describe the different Bio:renew collections, suggest which products are suitable based on hair type or desired result, and answer questions including how to tell Herbal Essences bottles apart – even when you can’t see them!

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