Hello, we’re TetraLogical

We're a company with inclusion at its heart. We specialise in all aspects of accessibility, from working with your websites and apps to giving your teams the skills they need to make accessibility part of everything they do.

We take the time to understand your organisation, your project, and your goals, so we can put together services that are tailored to suit you. Our accessibility services include:

TetraLogical is a member of the W3C where we contribute to standards including HTML, CSS, ARIA, and WCAG.

We're proud to work with organisations including the Scottish Government, Herbal Essences, Google, Babylon Health, Wiley Publishing, and Middlesex University.


Léonie Watson joins BIMA Inclusive Design Council

Léonie Watson, Director at TetraLogical, joins the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) Inclusive Design Council. Léonie joins Council Chair Emma Goddard from Deloitte Digital UK, Matt Roberts from Sightsavers, Becky Ferraro from Deloitte Digital UK, and Kevin Mar-Molinero from Kin + Carta.

Léonie Watson at the Australian Accessibility conference

Léonie Watson, Director at TetraLogical, will give the closing keynote at the Australian Accessibility conference today. Talking about voice as the new frontend, Léonie will use Alexa to demonstrate some of the different ways synthetic speech can be made more engaging, before taking the conversation to the web with the Web Speech API and the CSS Speech module.

Léonie Watson at Sight Tech Global

Léonie Watson, Director at TetraLogical, joins James Teh from Mozilla, Glen Gordon from Freedom Scientific, in a panel hosted by Matt King from Facebook for the Sight Tech Global conference. Drawing on their experiences as screen reader developers, browser engineers, accessibility engineers and screen reader users, the panellists will consider the question "If the Jetsons had screen readers, would they be using keyboard commands?". Join them at 11:20AM PT (2:20PM ET, 7:20PM GMT) today to find out!

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