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Whether you want an introduction to the fundamentals of accessibility, to focus on accessibility for particular roles, or something created uniquely for you, our knowledge services make it achievable and scalable.

To help you get the most from our knowledge services we take time to understand your goals, then create a training roadmap to get you where you want to be.

Training workshops

Our training workshops are delivered remotely or on-site (anywhere in the world), giving your teams the best opportunity to engage with the highly experienced accessibility specialists that deliver them.

Each of our training workshops concentrates on accessibility for a particular role or activity:

Whether our training workshops are delivered remotely or on-site, they include plenty of interactive exercises and breakout activities so everyone has an opportunity to try things straight-away.

We know the knowledge gained through training needs to be sustainable, so we include helpdesk time with all our training workshops to support your team as they start to put their newfound knowledge into practice.

Learning modules

Our learning modules use SCORM 1.2 to deliver the same content as our training workshops in a format you can integrate into your preferred Learning Management System (LMS), giving you the capability to train your teams at scale.

Evaluation modules

Our evaluation modules give you a way to evaluate the knowledge your teams learn through our training workshops or training modules.

Consisting of multiple choice questions and delivered using the SCORM 1.2 standard for integration into your preferred LMS, our evaluation modules let you set a competency benchmark for your teams to achieve and maintain.


When you need a team of experienced accessibility specialists, but it isn’t the right time to be hiring, our helpdesk is a fast and efficient way to extend your accessibility capability. It's also a regular feature of our accessibility assessments.

Our helpdesk gives you convenient on-demand access to the TetraLogical team. You can ask us questions about accessibility issues, for help with recommended solutions and best practices, for quick design and code reviews, or just for a little extra reassurance as your teams make your products more accessible.

Inclusive Toolbox

Our Inclusive Toolbox is a hub of information and resources that empower your teams to make accessibility and inclusion part of everything they do.

The content, written and regularly updated by our team of highly experienced accessibility specialists, includes:

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