Design System Assessments

When you want your design system to be the best it can be, our Design System Assessments give you the information you need to build accessibility into the core of your products and services.

When is the right time

Whether you are creating a new system or looking to update an existing system, there is no time like the present. Design System Assessments prevent accessibility issues from being repeated by fixing them at the source, reducing duplicated effort, and freeing your teams to focus on new ideas and features.

What we'll do

An accessible design system means that each component is accessible, and that there is documentation to help your teams use components without compromising on that accessibility.

We'll use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.2 to assess the components in your design system, then we'll create accessibility documentation for each component.

What you'll get

All the information your teams need to make your design components accessible, including prioritised issues and realistic solutions.

Accessibility documentation for each component, including accessibility requirements, features, implementation notes, and User Acceptance Tests (UAT).

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