Design Reviews

When you want to make accessibility a core design principle, our Design Review service fits seamlessly into your production process.

When is the right time

Design Reviews can happen early on in the design phase for websites, mobile applications, voice applications, Extended Reality (XR) and more starting with concepts and wireframes. They can also happen as the design matures, and you want to make sure you have captured accessibility requirements before handing them over to be developed.

What we'll do

We’ll collaborate with your teams and contribute our accessibility expertise as your wireframes become designs and ultimately prototypes.

We'll use the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.2 and the Inclusive Design Principles (IDP) to continuously review your design assets as they evolve and change.

What you'll get

Accessibility that supports fast-moving and continuous design, including annotated design assets, prioritised issues, realistic solutions, and guidance to help your teams convert your designs into accessible code.

Complementary services