When you want to know if your products and services meet accessibility standards, our accessibility assessment service thoroughly analyses your product or service using international accessibility guidelines.

When is the right time

Assessments can happen at any time. They are valuable for identifying issues to fix, and where in your process to fix them so they don't happen again.

What we'll do

We'll begin by collaborating with you to find a representative sample of your product or service, because it's rarely possible to assess the whole thing (and it just isn't necessary either).

Whether you have a website, intranet, app, or application, we'll assess it using the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (the standard referenced in legislation including Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, the European Union (EU) Public Sector Directive, and the EU Accessibility Act). We'll also verify that it works with common assistive technologies, so you get a balanced understanding of how accessible and usable it really is.

What you'll get

A clear answer about whether your product or service meets accessibility standards, and everything your teams need to know if it does not.

We offer a choice of deliverables, so your teams have the information they need in the most useful way:

If your teams are not used to accessibility and want extra information to help them understand and fix issues, we provide documentation and test procedures that can be reused in the future

If your teams are familiar with accessibility and comfortable understanding and implementing fixes for issues, we provide an option without documentation and test procedures.

No matter which choice you choose, we can also provide an accessibility conformance statement based on the model template from the EU or the US Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT).

Complementary services