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Every design challenge is unique. This is why we take the time to listen to what your research needs are and together we construct a study that gathers valuable insights from people with a range of disabilities, ages, culture, and backgrounds. We then help you use those insights to create accessible and inclusive products. All studies can be conducted remotely.

Moderated usability testing

Moderated usability testing allows you to observe in real time a representative cross section of people interacting with your product. By observing and asking questions we gain a deep understanding of the challenges people experience and ways the product can be improved.

The first-hand observation and one-to-one interaction with the people allow for clear identification of accessibility challenges and their causes; we then analyse the results and produce a comprehensive report and practical recommendations on how to fix issues.

Unmoderated usability testing

A representative group of people are invited to complete a number of tasks using your product and to provide their feedback. This is done in their natural setting and in their own time providing us with a unique opportunity to assess the usability and accessibility of a product in the most natural environment as possible.

We then analyse the results and produce a report with practical recommendations on how to fix issues. This is an ideal solution when wishing to gain assurance of a product’s usability and accessibility, rather than detailed information on potential issues.

Agile usability testing

As the name suggests this is quick and iterative testing by a cross section of people on concepts, early designs, wireframes or features in development. Feedback is gathered in real time, we then work with you to integrate it into your designs, prototypes, ticket and backlogs.

A more dynamic and informal approach compared to traditional usability testing it’s perfect to get peoples’ feedback in very short time frames during sprints, prototyping, or QA. It’s time and budget effective, which makes it the ideal approach to iteratively test small changes and assumptions.

Diary studies

A representative group of people use your product over a period of time - usually 1 to 2 weeks - and record their experience and feelings. We then analyse the results and provide ways to address issues that may have surfaced.

Diary studies provide a unique opportunity to understand why, how and when people use a product and to gauge their emotional engagement with it. They can also highlight how people’s attitude towards a product may change over time and why.

Focus groups

A cross section of people are invited to a group discussion - typically lasting 90 minutes - where they are presented with ideas and designs, for existing or potential products and asked for their opinion. We then analyse the results and document within a report themes and ideas for consideration.

Focus groups are ideal during project conception and can help shape requirements and understand what people might want from a product.

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