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When you want to elevate accessibility into inclusive user experience, our usability testing service gives your teams direct insight into the experiences of people who benefit from accessibility.

When is the right time

Once you have an accessible prototype or product, inviting people with disabilities to give feedback gives you the reassurance that it is usable and provides ideas for new features.

What we'll do

We'll collaborate with you to agree a participant profile that is representative of your target audience, then recruit the participants from our User Experience Network.

We'll create a test script that captures the tasks each participant will undertake, then we'll run an internal pilot to make sure the script flows well and that it captures the insights it's intended to.

Moderated usability testing

We'll schedule and conduct all the sessions with participants. If you'd like to observe the sessions, we'll coordinate with you to make it happen. Witnessing someone using your product or service is a powerful way to understand the importance of accessible user experience.

Unmoderated usability testing

We'll send the tasks and instructions to all the participants, then we'll gather their feedback after an agreed amount of time - usually a few days.

What you'll get

Direct insight into whether your product or service offers an inclusive user experience, including detailed issues and realistic solutions, plus - the features of your product or service that already offer an inclusive user experience.

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