User research mentoring programme – Services

When you want accessibility to be an integral part of user research in your organisation, our user research mentoring programme provides the training and support your researchers need to start running inclusive user research.

When is the right time

You can train your researchers at any time. This could be at the start of your accessibility journey or partway through it.

What we'll do

Through 1-to-1 training sessions and practice opportunities, we'll teach researchers about planning for inclusive research, recruiting disabled participants, moderating usability testing sessions with people with disabilities, and analysing findings. Our mentoring programme can be applied to any type of research, including moderated and unmoderated usability testing, and will be tailored to the researchers' needs.

We'll also review the tools, materials and processes used by the researcher, and provide suggestions for changes if required.

What you'll get

Access to our extensive experience in conducting user research with people with disabilities, and all the support your researchers need to start running inclusive research independently.

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