We'll partner with you to embed self-sustaining accessibility and inclusive design within your organisation.

Gap analysis

When you want to establish accessibility and inclusive design within your organisation, our gap analysis will help you understand what needs to be done, and give you a straight-forward plan for making it happen.

We'll do a high-level accessibility analysis of your flagship website, review your existing policies and processes, and take time to understand your organisation's current approach to accessibility and inclusive design, then we'll give you a straight-forward plan for closing the gaps and getting where you want to be.

Strategic partnership

When you want to change the way your organisation thinks about accessibility, and you need a little independent back-up to make it happen, we can help you do it.

It takes a lot of things to change the culture of an organisation, and we can help with everything except the motivation to change. If your organisation has the motivation, then we can work with you to put in place policies, processes, procurement and recruitment best practices, to embed skills and knowledge, and even establish a permanent accessibility presence within your organisation.

Other Services

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