We'll gather valuable insights from your users and your product marketplace, then help you use those insights to create accessible and inclusive products as part of a consistent customer experience.

User research

When you want to give your users an accessible and inclusive experience, our user research service will help you understand exactly what that means.

Using different options including interviews, surveys, and usability testing, we'll put together a user research programme designed to discover the information you need, then give you straight-forward recommendations you can use to make inclusive design and development decisions.

Customer experience

When your organisation engages with users across multiple channels, our customer experience service makes sure it's a cohesive and inclusive experience for everyone.

We'll assess each of your channels, and look at the hand-off between your website, mobile apps, print, telephone, in branch/shop, and your products, then we'll put together actionable recommendations to help you offer an accessible and inclusive multi-channel experience.

Other Services

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