Ela Gorla and Henny Swan at AccessU 2021

Ela Gorla, Principal Accessibility Specialist, and Henny Swan, Director at TetraLogical, will be presenting today at AccessU 2021.

Ela will be talking about Getting Started with Accessibility and User Experience Testing, today at 3PM BST. Ela will walk through core tests for the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the Inclusive Design Principles, in an informative and practical guide.

Henny Swan will be joined by Gareth Ford Williams, formerly of the BBC, to talk about Sustainable Accessibility, today at 3PM BST. Drawing on their experiences of embedding sustainable accessibility into organisations, they'll explore the importance of a co-ordinated and evolving plan - and the features it can include.

Henny will also be talking about Designing Inclusive User Experiences, today at 4:45PM BST. Accessibility does not happen by accident, it takes thought, empathy, and inclusion, and Henny will explain how to use inclusive design to get there.

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