Free initial assessments in celebration of International Day of People with Disabilities

To celebrate International Day of People with Disabilities on Thursday 3rd of December we're giving away a limited number of Initial assessments for accessibility. Normally priced at £500 we have 10 to give away to the first 10 applications we get.

An initial assessment can help you decide if an accessibility assessment is right for you. Maybe you're putting together a business case for accessibility and need evidence for management, or maybe you want to know how to invest budget and energy so you have the most impact on your teams and products.

We use a variant of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines and the Inclusive Design Principles to rapidly assess a page from your website or screen from your app. We can learn a huge amount from an initial assessment giving you the data you need to make an informed decision about next steps. You get a no-nonsense report that summarises the outcomes of the assessment, explains how and why your website or application may be an accessibility risk, and includes clear actions to help you decide where to focus your energy and your budget. This could be anything ranging from tailored training for specific knowledge areas in your teams, full accessibility assessments, component reviews, or usability testing of the core journeys with a wide a range of people.

Terms and conditions

To qualify, you must not be an existing client of ours and initial assessments must be requested on behalf of an organisation by someone using an email address associated with that organisation. To apply email us at hello@tetralogical.com by December 8th and we'll be in touch soon after.

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